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Double jacket Jacketed Gaskets

Double jacket Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed gaskets are the most basic type of semi-metallic gaskets combining  the high pressure suitabilityand blow out resistance of metallic materials with the  improved compressibility of soft materials. Metal jacketedgaskets offer an economical  seal where sealing faces are narrow and can be produced in a variety of  shapes,makingthem a good option for heat exchanger jointing.

General Properties
•    Economical
•    Easy to handle and install
•    Suitable for high temperatures
•    Suitable for narrow flanges
•    Good blow-out resistance
Metal Jacketed and corrugated gaskets can be manufactured to suit a range of  chemical environments by theselection of a suitable alloy jacket or core.
The following materials are available:

1. Double Jacketed
Constructed of soft filler encapsulated by a metal jacketand insert. Designed for use  on high temperature andpressure applications

•    Economical, basic with added strength from metallic jacket
•    Metal jacket provides increased gasket stability and blow-outresistance
•    Chemical resistance to a wide range of media can be accommodatedby selection of a  suit- able metal

2. Single Jacketed
Constructed of soft filler completely enclosed in asingle jacket for use in applications  where the widthdoes not permit the use of a double jacketed gasket.

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