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Our services

The goal of our company is to provide comprehensive services for the maintenance and modernization of turbine equipment to increase production efficiency.

In our gallery you will find a visual reflection of our commitment to innovation and quality. From cutting-edge technology to high-performance equipment, each image highlights our commitment to cutting-edge technology and the pursuit of excellence.

Projects and Implementations

Here are highlights from our key projects including design, construction, modernization and equipment overhauls. These projects demonstrate our ability to transform challenges into successful solutions that meet the needs of our clients across various industries.

Our People are Our Pride

Our team is the heart of GENERSI. In this section you will find portraits of our specialists working in various fields - from engineering to project management. Their professionalism and dedication are the basis of our success.

Technological Innovation

The discovery of new technologies and their application in our work is the key to providing the highest quality services. This part of the gallery showcases our latest technological developments that help improve the efficiency and safety of our customers' production processes.

Photo gallery from GENERSI company's photo gallery