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Ring Type Joint  Gaskets

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

Ring Gaskets
At Genersi, manufacturing of Ring Gaskets is done as per international standards such as  API 6A, API 17D and ASME B16.20. We produce Ring gaskets as per user specifications as  well. Traceability is maintained right from the raw material until the final production.
Ring Gaskets are of three types which are used in High temperature and high-pressure  applications where API 6B or API 6BX or ASME B16.50 flanges are used. Those are R, RX and  BX types.

R Type of Ring Gasket
R type gaskets are of two shapes which are Oval and Oct as shown in Figure 1.0 and
1.1. These types have matching pitch diameter to the flange groove they belong to. The  octagonal type has a superior sealing capacity than the other. The oval type will only suit  the round bottom groove of the flange; however, both the types of R type Ring gasket  will fit in flat bottom grooves. As per the international flange standards these gaskets can  withstand between 5000 psi to 6250 psi.

RX Type of Ring Gasket
RX type ring gasket has an exclusive self-sealing action. The  outside bevels of the ring make the initial contact with the  groove as the flanges are brought together with the flange  bolting. This provides initial sealing of the joint with the gasket  seating against the groove surfaces. During pressurization the  gasket loading increases against the groove. Type RX ring  gaskets as specified in ASME B16.20 and API 6A are completely  interchangeable with the oval and octagonal series of  identical reference numbers and are used in the same flange  grooves. The cross section of RX type Ring Gasket is as shown in  Figure 1.2.


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