Supply Chain


GENERSI is  co-operates closely with a limited number of world class manufacturers to ensure that all procurement and materials management processes are handled with optimum efficiency. Our policy is to ensure that the maximum added value is obtained at the lowest possible cost, without compromising safety, quality, reliability or environmental standards.

Through the efficient and effective use of personnel and information technology and a pro-active approach to supply chain management, we strive to provide a level of customer service that is second to none.

We aim to provide timely delivery of materials and documentation as well as detailed and accurate delivery information in a format and at a frequency that instils confidence in our ability to execute orders to schedule.

Through the continuous development of our organization GENERSI aims to provide a professional and cost effective service, to standards that meet our customers’ exacting requirements.

 Please contact to our sales department:

WE will help you with customer requirements for the parts supply:

  1. Vibration transducers
  2. Vibration ,sensors
  3. Electrical motors, pumps, fans, ventilators with different designs and manufactures
  4. Electrical Breakers, switchgears
  5. Thermocouples ,RTD.
  6. Pressure Switch, Limit switches
  7.  Pressure Transmitters
  8. Pressure gauges
  9. Different type of equipment’s
  10. Valves, Fittings, Pneumatic valves, Pipes with different dimensions,(carbon steel ,stainless still ),
  11. PLC Controllers , Allen Bradley, GE MARK V, MARKVI MARKVI+E etc.